Ted always came across as a nice guy who thoroughly enjoyed his time on the stage and there was nothing complicated or deep about the music; they were all just bloody great good time songs that made you feel happy. Ron could you please tell me if any of the tmg range of t shirts are still available and what sizes and styles of shirts are available thanks. Can anyone tell me where the Jamaica Rum filmclip was shot? He wrote that he never ate eggs, milk, chicken, fish! They were a fabulous Australian band and to this day, I listen to their music often.

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He got a second throw of the dice.


This has happened a few times now. When all else fails, just go to Youtube and watch the videos… it is so much fun!

Great to see a couple of younger people appeciatting the music from a really fun decade. That was in Wagga Wagga I lived in Junee and thank goodness that TMG hit the road and allowed everyone to see them live — gqng-locked just the city slickers!

Kelly G October 2, Nothing like music to transport you straight back to your youth.

Ted Mulry Gang — Locked in — Download Songs and Music Videos for Free —

Now that He is going to have a memorial at Leppington It will be better to be able to visit his grave in person. TMG start to sing the song and then it just fades out.


A few die hard fans have tried to get the band recognised as well. The Committee is made up of a range of different experts from all areas of the Australian music industry, muryl with a deep knowledge of, and love for, Australian music.

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The missing reels were still at the airport and only 3 out of the 5 turned up un night. Im sure TMG wondered why they ever bothered to come to the boondocks.

Did they have any kids?

I did the following interview with Herm Kovac recently, discussing the release of the aforementioned CD. People like Angry Anderson what a funny man! They made their way into our hearts because they made the effort to visit the country areas. I quickly started again with the arms-in-the-air move!! Georgie July 24,8: It should have happened a long time ago!

When the Ted Mulry Gang formed inMulry was already a well-known pop balladeer. There is a memorial for Ted. Gay February 27, Firstly the problem with my e-mail has been rectified thanks to my tech savvy 19 year old daughter. TMG did a few tours which proved they thought of the country folk too!

He wrote a blog recently saying that it was the best live gig he had tsd.

Music — Ted Mulry Gang

The front cover photo on the Disturbing The Peace Album was taken gang-pocked the roof of the shopping centre at Doncaster in Melbourne and is looking north toward templestowe. Have a look around the online music stores,you would be surprised what is out there. The Hall OF Fame nomination process for of has not mulry commenced, but we will keep any suggestions and supporting material for potential inductees on file for consideration by the Hall Of Fame Advisory Committee.


I hope that helps.

They are in my opinionnot as recognised as they should be. Was it a 2SM Gig ….


Can anyone tell me where the Jamaica Rum filmclip was shot? See link below you will have to cut and paste it into your gang-lpcked http: I just love the album Stuttin… really good rock n roll.

Me August 30, Saw TMG on their reunion tour at the Ettalong Beach entertainment gang-,ocked in the 90,s and they were still as good as ever.